LRDC Services (Pvt) Limited

LRDC Services (Pvt) Limited is a subsidiary company of the state owned Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation (SLLR&DC) and has been operation for last 17 years, providing the nation with development related activities. At present it is the leading state organization providing security and surveillance solutions island wide to public, private and domestic sector organizations and individuals. It is one of the key agencies coming under the Ministry of Urban Development, Water Supply and Housing Facilities that tasked with evolving the Western Province and its environs into the smartest city in the region

LRDC provides a unique service in
Security & Surveillance industry

The world has become an increasingly more dangerous place to lead life. To be seriously concerned, even downright frightened of known and unknown threats is not a weakness. It is an acknowledgement of the fact that it is all too commonly visible to all of us when we open a newspaper, switch on a television or log on to Facebook. The unprepared will casually consume news of this murder, that robbery, the other assault and live in bliss thinking that such things will always happen to other people. Are we really living in a safe environment?

In this backdrop, LRDC Services (private) Limited as professionals provide its valued clients with what they want and not what they need and in this, it provides a service that is unique in the security and surveillance industry because the company is not content to provide with a clutch of CCTV cameras or a few security guards. Instead the company takes a solution approach to address the customer protection needs by first soberly assessing the vulnerabilities and threats and determining the best mix of equipment and manpower to protect the customer and his assets.

LRDC Services (private) Limited is a government subsidiary company and duly recognized as a private limited company since 1998. The company provides professionally skilled security services to government establishments and private sector in Sri Lanka. It provides security services to institutions in the financial, power and energy, education and telecom sectors and is now the largest such service provider with a cadre of approximately 4,000 covering security at 745 sites islandwide. The company operates in all the nine provinces of Sri Lanka with a staff exceeding 4,000 and management by professionally qualified board of directors and management staff.

With nearly two decades of successful operations, the company decided to take stock of its market position and its short and long term position with the change of management working towards future proofing of the company. It embarked on an ambitious strategy of first conducting a comprehensive analysis of the industry and using the findings to revisit its corporate strategy and business plan.

“With nearly two decades of successful operation, company now considers diversification of its area of operations to other sectors. One such area is CCTV and video surveillance solutions covering supply installation, commissioning and maintenance of systems. We expect to expand the specialize service in to video surveillance systems with security solutions to customers from residences and small businesses to large corporate and governmental organizations,” LRDC Services (Private) Limited Managing Director Bandula Chandrasekara said.

In addition, a key highlight is that the company obtained a license for recruiting of skilled and unskilled persons to overseas mainly in technical fields . This will create employment opportunities for other managerial, skilled and semi-skilled persons and open-up another revenue stream for the state from overseas. This initiative will provide the rest of the world, will have the benefit of recruiting quality employees from the most educated and trained workforce in the sub region, he said.

“Our solutions mix draws on a wide range of industry specific expertise that we have gathered over twenty years of providing civil security and surveillance services to the nation. The biggest challenge we face at present is that worker shortage as we need to deploy more to prevent terror attacks. For this we need higher number of labour. We provide our staff with attractive remuneration including welfare measures, instant loans and continuous assessment of performance for increments and also Suraksha Abiman program to reward them. However, as a measure to attract more staff we need to pay a higher salary.” he said.

“We provide security at the international cricket matches conducted in Sri Lanka. Not only cricket matches we provide security for football and rugby matches too. In the back drop of Easter Sunday attacks we will take more precautionary measures to avoid such situations in future. We maintained security satisfactorily despite many setbacks aftermath of Easter Sunday attacks. We are in the forefront of technology. We have installed imported modern security equipment,” he said.

The company is generating a steady flow of income and it recorded Rs 850 million in 2015 and in 2018 reached a target of Rs 2,300 million. It expects to generate Rs 2,600 million this year with its 5,000 workforce. We are thankful to Megapolis and Western Development Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka for the guidance and able assistance given to us in carrying out our services, he said.

The company was set up as a solution to provide protection to water pumps at the Water Board at the time when there was a conflict in the country. Even as at today, it provides the same protection to the Water Board and other governmental institutions numbering over 40 which include development projects, state banks, national hospitals and universities. The company gives preference to retired personnel from the three armed forces when recruiting staff. It has a special and comprehensive training program ‘Suraksha’ which gives an overview of the job specifications and all the trainees are subjected to a thorough training.

In keeping with the current requirement, a new course on explosive identification, suspect behavior observation, modern security equipment handling and baggage checking has been introduced at present. To this end, the company has ordered 1,000 units of modern security equipment to meet the demand.