Overseas Manpower Placements

LRDC Services Private Limited in Sri Lanka is a key supplier of high quality white and blue collar workers to global destinations requiring the most value-for-money optimized human resources. in a highly competitive world, acquire your workers from one of the best global resources. Leave your recruitment requirements in our hands and we will do the rest, giving you high quality, performance driven employees for your needs.

Make use of one of the most educated workforces in the world to solve your recruitment needs

Sri Lanka has the most educated workforce in South Asia and ranks among top 75 most educated countries in the world according to the Education Index of the United Nations Human Development Report of 2016. With near universal literacy and a widespread vocational skills development program, it is among the top 25 countries providing highly skilled technocrats, strategists and managers as well as skilled and semi-skilled blue collar workers for overseas personnel requirements.

State patronage and oversight assured

LRDC Services Private Limited is the only state agency with the accreditation and conflict-free mandate to provide such personnel to all parts of the world. With an unbeatable vetting process tied into stringent assessment criteria it provides the best fit for your organization's personnel requirements with personalized, case-by-case optimization of the needs against skills so that will reward you many times over. Given the patronage of the state and its built-in oversight of the entire process from identification to recruitment and post-recruitment follow-ups, we provide your organization with the best recruitment scenario possible.

How we work

Given the fact that LRDC Services Private limited is a state agency, it is required to exercise very high standards of employment security and employee comfort when placing them overseas. Therefore, it works with:

  1. Reputed reciprocal recruitment agencies in target countries
  2. with reputed employers
  3. with sector specificagencies in target countries that are looking for personnel in their sector of expertise