The places of your business, your workplaces, your network of operational locations are all points that our services can protect. At present, we provide solutions to over 750 such points by deploying high quality personnel, surveillance equipment and monitoring services. Some of the most vulnerable public service locations and sites such as hospitals, water distribution networks, telecommunications networks, electrical distribution networks, hotels, airports, shipping ports, enterprise headquarters, banks, apartment complexes, universities, educational centers and institutions are comprehensively covered by our superior services.

We help you optimize your profits by minimizing your losses!

Domestic Premices

Crimes against individual houses and homes are on the rise. Simple CCTV coverage is not going to help protect homes when its occupiers are away. Our services provide personnel, CCTV cover and alert systems that will instantly notify both our hub monitoring locations as well as enforcement agencies if there is the slightest evidence of action to tamper with equipment or infiltrate premises with perimeter Protection systems that combine manpower and surveillance equipment to truly assure you of security.

Enjoy what you have built for yourselves, let us worry about protecting it!

Zonal Protection

Industrial zones, places of public gathering, busy shopping areas, intersections are all areas where criminal activities intensify. Our custom built solutions cover the protection aspects of large areas which have a significant percentage of open spaces and limited perimeter control.

Our human and electronic eyes provide blanklet protection to large geographies!

Construction Sites

Some of the largest thefts in the country occur at such sites and with development projects springing up around the country, our professional surveillance and security services are a must to ensure that you minimize your operational overheads by optimizing protection and eradicating the opportunities for pilferage.

Big projects require big security and we are the only agency with the expertise and the experience to provide it!


There is nothing more important that the safety of your family and LRDC Services (Pvt.) Ltd. deploys its personnel and its equipment to ensure that they are safe while they enjoy life both at home and as they engage in work, study and recreation at remote locations. Our systems are cloud compatible and allow you to watch your family on your smartphone at specific, designated locations or while they are moving between points.

Protecting your near and dear when you are otherwise occupied!

Sports and Recreational Events

From cricket matches to musical shows, we are all aware of the heightened security issues that arise when large numbers of people gather in comparatively small spaces. As a state agency for whom the safety of the people is of paramount importance, we provide blanket surveillance and security to all such events.

We make sure that you do not have to worry about your safety when you are having fun!

Skilled Security placements Overseas

The world has increasingly become a more dangerous place and there are few in the world who can boast that they have had the type of training and practice in protecting life and property like our ex-servicemen. We have a large cadre of these men and women with unmatched skill for deployment to overseas destinations that require surveillance and security including large scale industrial installations, massive business complexes, international conventions, international sporting events and marine security services.

Our teams have proved themselves. Our International Services Arm is at your service, wherever you are on this planet!

Transportation Security

Movement of anything is fraught with danger of theft, pilferage or sabotage. We provide security to cash and goods transportation networks with staff trained to international standards in those areas of business.

You get on with your business. Leave the road to us!

VIP Services

In countries such as Sri Lanka, key individuals are under constant threat of either bodily harm or worse. Guarding their persons is a skill that requires special training that is provided to our Personal Safety Assurance Team (PSA).

With the PSA, you know you are safe wherever you go, wherever you are!